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Coaching is a collaborative, confidential partnership between a qualified coach and a client built on trust, support and challenge. It is typically goal oriented to enhance development or performance, and can be particularly effective in times of change for an executive. That includes a new role, a promotion, a new team, a stretch assignment, new leader and other challenges.

Coaching is often sought out by high performing executives who are seeking to invigorate their approach. Alternatively, an executive may recognize that succeeding in their role requires skills they have not needed to rely on in the past; a coach may help them develop or hone those skills. In both circumstances, coaching enables them to learn or experiment with new ways of achieving high levels of performance.

  • Executive development
  • Executive performance
  • Executive onboarding
  • Executive renewal
  • New executives


Working one-on-one with an experienced coach provides a tailored, timely and direct opportunity for leaders to develop their skills and performance. Typical applications are for those who are new to a leadership role, taking on new or expanded responsibilities, or building a flexible suite of skills required to succeed.

Coaching develops greater levels of self-knowledge and reflection, enhances the ability to read the landscape and navigate the challenges and opportunities the situation presents. It builds resilience and promotes growth and insight to manage those challenges and opportunities Many companies also use coaching as an integrated part of an organisational leadership development program to personalise and embed skills, insights and learning.

  • Emerging leaders
  • New leaders
  • Specialist to leader transition
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership performance
  • Promotion
leadership development
career management


Throughout every career there are times when support, advice and guidance can enhance clarity and direction. Tricia uses a proven and holistic framework which consists of understanding your career drivers and preferences, your achievements, experience, talents and values, and aligning those with your aspirations and goals. Combined with expert tactical support to develop your resume, utilise the power of LinkedIn, increase your networking skills and enhance your interview techniques, you will receive tailored and confidential support to achieve your career goals. Tricia provides market savvy and deep experience in career management to advise and support you to design, manage and implement your career plans with confidence.

  • Change of career direction
  • Career transition /outplacement
  • Career development
  • Board careers
  • Portfolio careers
  • Expatriate careers
  • Approaching retirement


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